Post Conflict and Fragile States

Dozens of school aged children gathered in a post-conflict environment

Violence and destructive conflict can lead to gross human rights violations but can also result from a sustained denial of these rights. Cardno has extensive experience delivering programs in post-conflict and other complex situations. We have demonstrable experience working with senior lawmakers and government officials to engage in public sector reform and rule of law as well as improving state and civil society engagement globally.

Cardno’s approach to post conflict management is pragmatic, collaborative and flexible to help manage the risks and opportunities associated with the changing state of security globally. It involves rapid deployment for an early and sustained presence on the ground and relies upon working closely with communities to revive agricultural production, support small scale enterprises and help rehabilitate physical infrastructure. 

We aim to change the mindset and attitudes of ex-combatants. Our strategies ensure large numbers of previously unemployed youths can help kick-start the economy, and put money in their pockets, which in turn builds confidence in communities and creates social relationships. 

Women walk on a rural road carrying piles of wood on heads