Ugandan man presenting at local government meeting, USAID LOGIC

Constructive links between government, the private sector and civil society actors promote effective governance principles and improve the protection of human rights throughout the developing world. Cardno’s five decades of experience in governance spans a range of initiatives aimed at sustainably improving public and private sector development; strengthening law and justice, and; protecting human rights.

In the law and justice sector, we strengthen the planning and capacity of police, courts, attorney-general and correction services, and assist these agencies to develop and implement accountable and transparent policies and procedures. 

Our programs enhance central agencies’ economic and resource management at national levels, and we incorporate provincial and local-level knowledge to improve public sector effectiveness and efficiency. 

We understand civil society participation is critical to good governance, and Cardno offers experience in a complementary range of support mechanisms relating to decentralisation and strengthening of local governance. Our work focuses on collaboratively developing consultative mechanisms that involve local government and civil society in decision-making, with the aim of increasing responsiveness at all levels of government.

Woman speaks at podium at ASEAN conference on human trafficking alongside seated international leaders