Utility Engineering and Surveying

Cardno team performing a subsurface utility investigation

Lack of quality information on above and underground utilities can cause construction delays, budget increases and safety issues due to unexpected utility impacts. Our industry-leading Utility Engineering and Surveying professionals provide information to mitigate utility risk for infrastructure projects across the US and Canada.

At Cardno, our Utility Engineering team's priority is to identify, mitigate, and manage utility risk on projects. Our survey team utilizes the latest utility engineering and surveying technology to produce deliverables of the highest quality and accuracy for our client project needs.

Our high-caliber teams of professional engineers, geophysicists, surveyors, geologists, and field technicians integrate the benefits of utility engineering and surveying (UES) to address above ground and subsurface utilities for infrastructure construction projects. Cardno has decades of experience mapping utilities for municipalities (PDF), roadways (PDF), airports (PDF), ports, military installations, and all phases of land development for the public and private sector.

Learn more about how Subsurface Utility Engineering (PDF), utility coordination, and land surveying (PDF) can help make your project more efficient by reducing the risks of uncertainty.

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Cardno employee processing subsurface utility data

Utility Engineering and Surveying Services