Structural Engineering

Aerial view of a building at night

At Cardno, we are committed to creating the appropriate structural solution based on design requirements, budgetary considerations, and schedule constraints. From buildings to bridges and coastal structures, Cardno engineers are known for delivering innovative and constructible plans.

When infrastructure demands an intricate structural system, Cardno responds with inventive engineering and close collaboration among all members of the team to integrate the design with the project requirements.

We are committed to being a proactive player in the collaborative process for all phases of design and construction to successfully meet project goals. We understand that structures should be:

  • cost-effective, functional and maintain high serviceability standards
  • flexible to accommodate future needs
  • readily constructible, requiring nominal field adjustments
  • able to connect with any existing structures with minimal impact
  • erected with little disruption to surrounding sites.
Pedestrian and vehicle crossing on a bridge over a body of water

Structural Engineering Services