Spill and Incident Response

Incident response team performing cleanup along shoreline

Spills of oil or hazardous substances can have significant environmental, legal, economic, and social impacts.

Regardless of size, they can result in substantial response, remediation, restoration, and business reputation costs for responsible parties. Reducing these impacts and liabilities requires experience and in-depth understanding of the applicable science, economic, regulatory, and operational considerations.

Cardno provides the experience and technical expertise to support all aspects of spill and incident response from pre-planning and training to emergency response to impact assessment and restoration. We stand above other consulting firms due to our vast experience responding to a multitude of incidents in a wide variety of coastal, marine, and inland settings and our multidisciplinary focus that draws on the expertise of our scientists, biologists, ecologists, chemists, toxicologists, engineers, economists, and other environmental and regulatory specialists.

Our staff members are highly respected by state and federal response, resource management, and Trustee agencies, as well as by our private sector clients. Cardno’s mixture of experienced professionals from varied disciplines enables us to address challenges that would normally require several consulting firms.

Oil washed up on beach shoreline

Spill and Incident Response Services