Aerial of creek restoration project under construction phase

Cardno has a rich history of providing solutions to address client needs. Our full-service restoration based approach is complete from native seed to ecological solutions addressing natural resources, cultural resources management, and environmental permitting and compliance.

Our teams of engineers, ecologists, scientists, archaeologists, and business professionals help navigate complex environmental challenges.  

Cardno’s restoration work centers on the in-depth industry experience, technical excellence, and strategic insight we offer our clients. Our highly trained professionals deliver effective project management and planning and design for projects focused on natural resources management, permitting and compliance, water resources / green infrastructure, and liability management.  

We also operate our own Native Plant Nursery, which offers an extensive selection of native plant and seed species, along with bioengineering materials needed for successful restoration, mitigation, and native landscape projects.  

Inside native plant nursery greenhouse

Native Plant Nursery

Explore the prairies, fields, wetlands and greenhouses where we grow diverse native plants for your native landscapes.

Restoration Services