Environmental Management

Water quality monitoring and sampling

Cardno provides the management, analysis, and illustration to offer a complete picture of environmental data and information solutions. Our project data can assist in decision making by offering clients a consistent data set of known qualities.

Our teams offer the systems, tools, and protocols to ensure data quality for projects with environmental program components. We’ve developed and used the best practices for the capture, storage, and management of environmental data, particularly within the renewables industries – solar, wind, offshore, and battery storage.  

Cardno’s analytical teams are familiar with the use of tools including geographical information systems (GIS), global positioning systems support services, project management information systems, remote sensing, and data analytics. Our environmental data experts understand the importance of quality data and have provided the statistical analysis and modelling support necessary to projects for a wide variety of sectors, including chemical manufacturers, energy, environmental, oil & gas, solid waste facilities, and transportation. 

Measuring the growth of a plant species

Environmental Management Services