Data Acquisition

Cardno employee deploying drone into army tanker

Cardno’s global Data Acquisition Program is a technically diverse and experienced global team dedicated to providing peerless digital data acquisition expertise, execution, AI based analytics, management, and delivery.

We are passionate disciplinary thought-leaders with deep knowledge in: Photography, GIS, Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Data Analytics, Land Survey, Robotics, Satellite Imagery, UAS, cUAS, Infrastructure Inspection, BIM, Asset Management, AI/Machine Learning, Diving, Military/DoD, Program Management, and other Remote Sensing Disciplines.

We specialize in merging data from multiple sources resulting in a comprehensive common operating picture to provide rapid data acquisition to actionable intelligence delivery. We are actively engaged in projects leveraging sophisticated robotic and computer vision technology to acquire digital data from water, land, air and space. Our diverse analytics team provides geospatial support, vegetation density reports, asset inspection, 3D modelling data for design, photogrammetry/survey, project assessment, documentation, enhanced video messaging products, and other custom solutions. 

Cardno's distinctive approach to the acquisition, rendering and distribution of data integrates all of our resources into the solution delivery process. Cardno treats every project as a unique data problem, not a “drone” or technology problem.  Put another way, we work projects from the “Data Up” without preconceptions. We believe in being technology agnostic, trusted advisors to our clients, as we seek the best acquisition/analytics/delivery strategy to meet their requirements while remaining mindful of budgetary constraints. Cardno’s agile Data Acquisition Team combined with our unrivalled depth of scientific and engineering expertise is laser-focused on the rapid delivery of real actionable intelligence for our clients today and into the future. 

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