Surveying and Spatial

This service is delivered by the Asia Pacific team globally.
Surveying image data from cricket field

Cardno has one of the largest surveying and spatial capabilities in the Asia Pacific region and brings together our expertise in positioning and measurement (surveying), data capture and management, spatial analysis, mapping (GIS), and 3D modelling and visualisation (BIM and CADD).

With over 35 years experience in the delivery of spatial services, the dynamic team of experts at Cardno provide our clients with best practice surveying and geographic information system (GIS) services for engineering, construction, monitoring, infrastructure, rail, road, and land developments.  

Our experienced multi-disciplinary team and strategic technical and service partnerships position us to provide the best outcomes for our clients, both private and government, across all surveying and spatial fields.  

Working to the highest standards of professionalism, we provide efficient and innovative spatial solutions that empower our clients to confidently make informed decisions. 

Surveying of bridge as crane is operating overhead

Surveying and Spatial Services