Civil Engineering

Aerial photo of industrial site

For more than 70 years, civil engineering has provided the strong foundation of our business and professional services. It is also central to our vision to keep improving the physical and social environment for people around the world.

The depth and breadth of Cardno’s civil engineering expertise across Australia and the Pacific has enabled us to develop new customised project solutions, irrespective of scope, size, complexity or location. We believe that the cornerstone of our success is to deliver civil engineering services through a combination of centralised capital-city offices and our extensive network of regional offices so that we can build and foster more productive relationships with our customers and communities.   

Our dedicated teams deliver integrated service across a wide range of disciplines, including grading and drainage, street and roadway design, permitting, sustainable or low-impact design, and utility coordination, among others. With a commitment to providing professional advice, leadership, and attention to detail, Cardno constantly strives to deliver innovative and lasting solutions across these disciplines. 

Civil Engineering Services