Aerial Data Acquisition

Cardno employee setting up drone

Cardno’s global Aerial Data Acquisition and Management program offers end-to-end innovative data acquisition and analytics capabilities, enabling clients to increase efficiency, promote cost savings and establish policies and frameworks for safe aviation practices.

We specialise in merging data from multiple sources resulting in a comprehensive common operating picture to provide relevant actionable intelligence. With our centralised, autonomous, and remotely piloted flight operations, Cardno enhances aerial asset information acquisition and analysis by integrating GIS and survey capabilities, providing clients with a complete and precise engineering grade aerial mapping and inspection service. Our experience covers a range of civil infrastructure, energy sector, asset management, surveying, environmental, military, and land development applications.

We seamlessly integrate Aerial Data Acquisition with existing Cardno service lines across our global operations to improve the quality and efficiency of digital data analytics and the delivery of actionable intelligence in all environments. Our expert pilots, engineers, and operators across the globe collaborate to process and develop data 24 hours a day.

Cardno is certified by national authorities in Australia and New Zealand providing aerial imagery services for commercial projects. Our professional pilots have deep knowledge and broad experience conducting aerial surveys, vertical inspections, and spatial analytics projects in complex industrial environments. 

At Cardno, we continue to innovate and deliver solutions for our clients as a trusted partner and advisor in aerial data acquisition services.

Aerial Data Acquisition Services