River full of water in outback setting

The environment in which our communities live and work is rapidly changing due to a myriad of factors ranging from population growth and urbanisation, climate change, variations to our weather systems, technological innovations and societal shifts. This is putting significant pressure on how we manage our precious water resources and how we protect communities from emerging risks such as flooding.

As industry leaders, we provide a broad spectrum of service offerings within the water sector, including Urban Stormwater, Integrated Water Cycle Management, Water Sensitive Urban Design, Stormwater (Environmental) Design, Water Resource Management, Water Quality, Floodplain Management and Flood Emergency Management. Embedded in our strategic approach is an innovative outlook, which leverages digital opportunities and technological advances, working with partners across academia, government and private industry and sectors to deliver solutions for the most complex water challenges to our clients.  

Our team of experts are passionate about delivering tangible outcomes for communities to deliver solutions ranging from integrated water management plans to stormwater designs, to floodplain management studies. We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and our delivery of innovative solutions.

Cardno employee working in shallow river

Water Services