Two Cardno employees providing utilities work

Cardno performs services for utilities, including electric, gas, water, and renewables such as solar and hydro power.

Our staff of scientists, engineers, and analysts assist utility clients across the project life cycle from assessment and planning through utility engineering and monitoring. We use an integrated approach to foster collaboration with all stakeholders, mitigate risks, and analyze constraints for utilities.

Our services include: 3D underground mappingCCTV sewer inspections, CEI services, concrete imaging, condition assessment and rehabilitation, complete subsurface utility engineering, design and construction survey, geophysical investigations, multi-channel ground penetrating radar, nondestructive vacuum excavationsurveying services, terrestrial and mobile LiDAR, trenchless technology, utility “as-built” surveys, utility conflict resolutionutility coordination, utility design and contract management, utility infrastructure assessment, and utility relocation management and inspection.