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Cardno's experience and understanding of our sectors is a point of difference contributing to our longstanding client relationships. Select a sector for more information.
Aerial view of jet planes in the sky


Cardno has significant experience in supporting defense-related projects globally. Our expertise is valued by defense related agencies in support of mission critical infrastructure and environmental...

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Multiple solar panels in a park


Cardno works with a range of clients to deliver resource and infrastructure projects in the energy sector.

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Columns on a government building


For decades, Cardno has provided innovative solutions across a broad range of services for federal, state and local governments. These include infrastructure support, environmental management and...

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View of an industrial plant at sunset


Cardno provides a range of solutions for industrial developments, ranging from site investigations and selection through to planning and engineering applications for land subdivision and buildings.

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Aerial view of restoration work to improve watershed along Boardman River

Land Management

Cardno is a leading provider of planning, environmental, design and construction services for residential, commercial, and industrial development.

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Large dump trucks in a line

Mining and Resources

Cardno has extensive capability in the mining and resources sector. Our clients benefit from our commitment to providing high level services and a full range of cost-effective, sustainable solutions...

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Property and Buildings

Cardno’s status as a leader in the fields of structural engineering, mechanical, building services, and built-form environmental hazards assessment is based on more than 60 years of excellence.

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Cardno has world-leading expertise in the assessment, planning, design, site development, and management of transportation projects.

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Two Cardno employees providing utilities work


Cardno performs services for utilities, including electric, gas, water, and renewables such as solar and hydro power.

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TVA dam in Tennessee with mountain range


Cardno is recognized for its comprehensive skills in all aspects of water engineering, water planning, and water supply services across a number of environments and distribution systems.

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