International Development

Cambodian men in rice field

Cardno has been delivering practical, innovative and sustainable solutions in international development for 50 years.

We analyse and reflect on this experience to provide agile and adaptive management and technical solutions, continuing to adapt to the needs of our clients with measurable impact and sustainable results. This rests on our commitment to investing in communities where we work, localising our operations wherever possible. Our worldwide team is a diverse mix of the communities in which we live and work.

We are strengthened by our geographic and market diversity, and committed to providing innovative and integrated solutions that create opportunities for significant, lasting change in developing nations.

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Cardno is working beyond compliance and partnering toward a cultural shift, helping to raise standards to protect from sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH). We are a signatory of the Putting People First Commitments working with DFID to tackle SEAH.

Our teams think digitally, connect clients and beneficiaries, partner for local sustainability, and ultimately drive change for digital empowerment. Whether it is through mHealth platforms, e-business, or solutions for road management, Cardno International Development meets challenges in the developing world by harnessing technology and digital platforms.

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