Zoo/Aquarium return to normal business operations plan (RNBO)

Tiger at zoo - Photo by capri23auto from Pexels

Cardno ChemRisk was contacted to review an existing Return to Normal Business Operations Plan (RNBO) for a zoo/aquarium, as part of its response to COVID-19.

The team reviewed existing protocols and identified the major components of the plan that needed to be added or updated.

Additionally, Cardno ChemRisk advised on a measured reopening schedule based on local and state guidelines. We created and advised on a strict cleaning and disinfection protocol that considered the daily operations inherent to zoos and aquariums, as well as the different staff (volunteers, full-time employees, and guests) present at the facility.

The zoo/aquarium facility was able to reopen while implementing a comprehensive RNBO plan. We helped ensure that a rigorous, effective, but flexible plan was in place, so that zoo management and employees could quickly respond to changes in COVID-19 policy recommendations or local community spread.