Wolf Lake Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration

After view of created vegetated islands aquatic habitat restoration

Cardno created vegetated islands using onsite dredge materials to restore aquatic habitat for this award-winning project.

Development impacts such as filling, industrial discharges and invasive species encroachment significantly altered the ecological character of Wolf Lake, a 500-acre natural waterbody, which borders a heavily industrial area.

To help restore the aquatic and wetland habitat, Cardno created more than 30 vegetated sand islands using the silt and sand dredged from the lake and installed more than 125,000 native plants and shrubs to help stabilize the islands and establish fish and waterfowl habitats. The scope of work also included the installation of large wood logs to serve as wave barrier structures for the most impacted islands to help further mitigate water and wind erosion impacts.

We also provided ongoing invasive species maintenance and monitoring services of the entire restored area. The Wolf Lake restoration project was awarded a USEPA Conservation and Native Landscaping Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Chicago Wilderness.