Village 1 Phase 1 Environmental Compliance

Staff performing water quality monitoring

Cardno helped make a newly constructed urban flood basin beneficial for steelhead rearing.

Cardno biologists and engineers are working together to design and install a fishway to allow for downstream volitional fish passage in a disconnected artificial floodway. The floodway converges with Auburn Ravine, which is designated critical habitat for Central Valley steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss), a species federally listed as threatened.

Cardno is working closely with the developer, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and National Marine Fisheries Service to obtain the appropriate permits to begin construction in the floodway. While the permitting process is underway and the floodway is disconnected, Cardno biologists have been conducting water quality monitoring (temperature and dissolved oxygen) and fish monitoring (as well as possible fish rescue and relocation) in the upper and lower portions of the floodway to ensure fish can rear until their next opportunity to return to Auburn Ravine through the inlet or outlet.

Once construction is completed and the floodway has full connectivity for fish passage from the inlet to the outlet, we hope that this artificial floodplain can become beneficial seasonal rearing habitat to steelhead and other species.