USFWS Water Resource Inventory and Assessments

Geospatial Analysts at computers plugging in data

Cardno is assisting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) with completing Water Resource Inventory and Assessments for more than a dozen National Wildlife Refuges in the U.S. Midwest.

Water Resource Inventory and Assessments (WRIA) are efforts the USFWS uses to provide water resource information for each National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). WRIAs include inventories and assessments of climate patterns, water management, water quantity/quality, and water resource issues.

Cardno locates, inventories, and organizes relevant water resource data, generates maps and figures needed for WRIA documents, and provides written summaries of the inventoried data. Our team of GIS experts utilize geospatial data to create maps of inventoried water resource features and tables based on hydrographic and climate datasets.

Big Oaks NWR Elevation map
Trempealeau NWR Boundary map

The maps include:

  • refuge boundaries with nearby cities and natural areas
  • regions of Hydrologic Influence for each refuge in a Hydrologic Unit Code shapefile format
  • LiDAR topography
  • national Hydrography Dataset streams
  • selected water quality and quantity monitoring stations
  • state-listed 303(d) impaired waters within, draining into, and immediately adjacent to each refuge.

All maps and associated files are provided to the USFWS in an easily shareable ArcGIS compatible format along with a PDF of each map, all data layers, and an ArcGIS Map Document or Map Package.