Upgrading existing roads in Melbourne’s South East Growth Corridor

Image of Ballarto Road

Population growth in Melbourne’s southeast has seen Cardno engaged in numerous road upgrades. Cardno provided a multitude of services for the Ballarto Road upgrade including road and drainage design that presented heritage overlay and mixed utility service challenges.

Ballarto Road and Railway Road are existing unsealed roads in Clyde. Due to the projected population growth, the City of Casey commenced an upgrade of these roads to be sealed and to formalise the road drainage and plan for car parking.

Cardno provided the following services:

  • feature survey
  • road design
  • drainage design
  • planning permits
  • environmental reports

Following Cardno’s preliminary work, it was revealed that a property at the corner of the intersection had a council heritage overlay.  Above and below ground utility services were also discovered along both roads.

To avoid land acquisition and heritage permits, the Cardno Team developed an intersection design that avoided impacting the heritage site. The design also provided for adequate cover and clearance on the existing utilities. This resulted in the smooth and fast project delivery to the City of Casey. 

Ballarto Road upgrade will provide significant benefit to the community, reducing congestion, improving access, travel times and safety for the 16,000 drivers that rely on the road everyday.

Cardno’s innovative approach to road design led to a smooth project delivery, saving the client’s money and time by avoiding land acquisition and obtaining a heritage permit.