Transformation of National Roads Asset Management (NRD)

Newly laid bitumen road cut through a hill

Through the NRD, Cardno worked to improve the Indonesian Directorate General of Highway’s capacity to deliver and manage a modern national road network, which in turn, supported national growth and development priorities that will benefit Indonesians.

Cardno was contracted by the Australian Government to assist the Government of Indonesia (GoI) to manage and deliver a modern national road network. The Cardno team worked to embed improved asset management processes across Central and Regional/Balai offices of the Indonesian Directorate General of Highways (DGH) within the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. This included the adoption and use of a new Road Asset Management System (RAMS).

Working in partnership with DGH’s Directorates and Regional offices, Cardno focussed on:

  • improving asset management within the DGH with an emphasis on achieving reliable planning, programming and budgeting systems in the long term
  • providing improved value for money by developing preservation policies for optimised treatments and forward work schedules linked to budget optimisation strategies.
Partially constructed bridge with worker laying down concrete

In 2016, an updated Bridge Management System (BMS) was added to the RAMS suite to provide an inspection and works planning tool for DGH’s 25,000 bridges. The BMS has been developed with DGH, and Cardno worked with international and local partners to achieve full integration with RAMS by June 2018.

We also worked closely with two Balai offices to trial and continuously improve the RAMS tool and its adoption. To complete these trials, we deployed a technically skilled and experienced team covering road and bridge engineering and system development.

Going forward, Cardno continues to focus our efforts on institutional reform, adoption and capacity building, in accordance with an agreed implementation strategy. To formally embed RAMS, requires a team of specialists with expertise in setting up multi-user, access-controlled IT systems with very large data storage requirements within large organisations.

Our key focus for this project includes efforts to:

  • further enhance BMS functionality to fully incorporate a treatment and costing function
  • improve the management and quality of condition surveys 
  • add all key asset types to the RAMS asset management system (e.g. drainage, shoulders, signs, markings, fencing, barriers, etc.)
  • finalise the aggregation tool, which combines area programs into a single national program
  • gradually roll-out RAMS to all Balais across Indonesia using a centralised DGH/consultant training team to build capacity
  • continue to provide technical support across all DGH Balai offices.