The Banks Whitby Development Project

The Banks wetland pond in Wellington, New Zealand

Communities foster a great sense of belonging and in more recent times, a place where people can come together to support one another.

Providing open areas for thriving communities, Cardno has been at the forefront of local development, particularly in New Zealand through The Banks Whitby Development Project; enabling 210 homes to be included in this great community.

Cardno has been engaged with this project dating back to the year 2011, as part of a Joint Venture (JV) by Todd Property Whitby Developments and Capella for, ‘The Banks’.

Located only 30km from Wellington, The Banks is a safe, thriving community at Whitby close to neighbouring Porirua, the Hutt and Kapiti Coast.

Our team was required to provide several engineering services including stormwater modelling, bulk earthworks design, infrastructure and utility services design.

We also assisted in the process of obtaining resource consent approval for the comprehensive development plan for the entire project.

Throughout the stages of this project, public consultation was undertaken, allowing for favourable community outcomes.

One of which included the idea of a central spine linkage along the majority of Duck Creek stream restorative works to create a native riparian habitat and passive recreation facilities.

The Banks wetland pond in Wellington, New Zealand

The Banks, Wetland Pond

Cardno further liaised with the Greater Wellington Regional Council at an early concept design stage to develop a pipe alignment with easy operational access whilst maintaining high levels of asset protection.
Our pipe engineering work for the project included; concept design, detailed design of pipe fittings and connections, as well as cut-in and risk mitigation planning.

We also delivered construction monitoring supervision services during the new pipework installation, including verification and pressure testing.

In January of 2014, The Banks Whitby Development Project evolved to include detailed design of bulk water main re-alignments, where our team of technical experts provided a wide range of large multi-disciplined engineering services for various project stages of The Banks.

The services delivered ranged from surveying and landscape architecture through to multi-disciplined engineering design and documentation upon completion of this stage in 2015.

Albeit, The Banks Whitby Development Project completed in 2017, Cardno continues to service delivery for this project where necessary with expert quality control as well as the engineering construction monitoring

As a team of locals, we were proud to play a role in the positive impact the development has had on the wider community, providing more families with safe and sustainable homes for now and into the future.