ARISE Plus Indonesia - Trade Support Facility

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ARISE Plus-Indonesia aims to contribute to Indonesia's preparedness and enhanced competitiveness in global value chains through specific support targeted at national and sub-national levels.

By enhancing Indonesia's trade competitiveness and openness, the programme will promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, boost job creation and increase employment in a gender sensitive way. The programme provides country-level interventions closely linked to the regional programme ARISE Plus, which supports regional economic integration and trade in ASEAN.

ARISE Plus-Indonesia will cover the following priority areas and components:

Priority Area 1: Trade and Investment Policy including Free Trade Agreement (FTA/)/Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA)

The first component within this priority area aims to advance the Government of Indonesia’s institutional capacities in strategic policy planning. Activities will cover the areas of competitiveness, foreign trade strategy, and the investment policy framework, with a special focus on the fisheries sector.

The second component is a ‘rapid response facility’ that will deal with the issues emerging from the negotiations and initial phase of the implementation. This component will provide capacity building to relevant ministries and agencies by funding expertise and other initiatives relevant for the negotiations of the FTA/CEPA.

Priority Area 2: Trade Facilitation

ARISE Plus-Indonesia will coordinate rapid and coherent responses to any needs related to the implementation of the World Trade Organisations (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) provisions, while also focusing on broader trade facilitation needs, thereby deriving maximum benefits for trade integration. The programme will also aim to develop and implement an advanced capacity building programme for working units/agencies at the Ministry of Trade dealing with trade remedies.

Priority Area 3: Export Quality Infrastructure

Focusing on the agri-food, fisheries, wooden products and cosmetic preparation sectors, which are among Indonesia's top 20 export products, this priority area aims at strengthening institutional capacity of key Indonesian stakeholders in implementing a National Quality Assurance (NQA) Scheme and improving the current Export Quality Infrastructure (EQI) Roadmap.

Priority Area 4: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) focusing on Geographical Indications (GIs) - implementation of the National GI Strategy including international promotion of selected GI products

The first component of Priority Area 4 will support knowledge development of GI organisations at local level, particularly in the areas of organisational management, technical aspects of GIs as well as marketing and promotion.

ARISE Plus-Indonesia will also provide expertise for the mapping and identification of potential GI products. Moreover, support will be provided to strengthen standards and conformance, quality control mechanisms and certification to ensure traceability, environmental and social sustainability and quality of GI products.

Another component is to assist in the improvement of the GI regulatory framework, strengthen competencies of key agencies for GI traceability through specialised training activities, and support beneficiaries to engage with international partners, as well as enhance the coordination between key GI stakeholders at national and sub-national levels.

Finally, as an important cross-cutting area, ARISE Plus-Indonesia aims to improve awareness and knowledge of the domestic industry including SMEs in participating in Global Value Chains.