Technical Assistance Project for Business Licensing, Registration and Support Services

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By providing expert technical advice and strategic planning services, Cardno has helped streamline Mozambique’s online business registration processes, which continues to strengthen the country’s private sector.

Since 2014, the Government of Mozambique has sought to streamline the country’s business environment and promote inclusive economic growth, with the support of the Department of International Development (DFID)-funded Economic Development Policy Grant.  

Cardno was engaged by the DFID to provide technical advice to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) to deliver and implement the policy reforms, systems, and capacity building that would facilitate growth in Mozambique’s private sector.  

The team’s technical advice has had a particular focus on business licensing, registration and ongoing regulatory support through the Technical Assistance Project for Business Licensing, Registration and Support Services (TABS).  

Cardno has worked directly with the MIC Directorate for Support to the Private Sector (DASP) to facilitate the ‘e-BAU’ programme (Balcão de Atendimento Único, BAU). An initiative of the Government of Mozambique, e-BAU aims to simplify the business cycle by providing online ‘one-stop-shops’ that improve business licensing processes and enhance the provision of public services.  

To support the work of DASP, BAU and e-BAU, Cardno has:  

  • provided a long-term (resident) advisor to plan and lead the project, provide technical expertise, policy advice, advisory services, and access to legal advice, to ensure the e-BAU is sustainable and to facilitate agreements with public and private institutions  
  • enlisted short-term technical experts to provide assistance and advisory services as required 
  • developed training materials, and delivered training, capacity building and communication with key stakeholders.  

TABS aims to reduce the process of business registration down to one day, entirely online. The e-platform for business registration has been established and currently business registration is handled through e-BAU (one-stop-shops) set up by the Government of Mozambique. While the time taken for business registrations has already been reduced, work is still ongoing to integrate information systems between the various ministries to achieve the one-day target.