Tararua Smoke Testing

Photo of smoke testing assessment being undertaken on site

Cardno completed this work for the Tararua Alliance so they could make decisions on the whether to replace or repair their assets.

The Tararua Alliance is a partnership between Tararua District Council and Downer NZ to manage and maintain the district’s transportation activity and water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure.  

Cardno was engaged by the Alliance to investigate possible inflow contributors within the stormwater and sewer networks in the Eketahuna township, located in the south of the Tararua District.  

The Alliance identified approximately 6.8km of pipework in the Eketahuna catchment that required inflow and infiltration investigation, as well as approximately 260 private lateral connections to the main pipework. 

Throughout this project, Cardno’s experienced team prepared project GIS base data/maps, and undertake site reconnaissance for traffic management planning, and community engagement. This positioned the team to address the following key project requirements:  

  • visual inspections of stormwater connections from private properties 
  • smoke testing of public wastewater mains and private laterals/connections within the catchment 
  • inspection of manholes accessed to complete smoke/dye testing and asset condition assessment. 

At the completion of inspections, Cardno experts generated a fault map and fault repair recommendation reports for relevant properties, and for faults found in the public network.  

Our team also highlighted issues needing further investigation by Tararua Alliance on private property and will provide a quality control service across fault repairs.