Sydney Harbour Bridge Fireworks and Lighting Support

2018 new year's eve fireworks shooting off from the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Every year, close to a million people watch the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks displays. It is breathtaking to see a huge range of pyrotechnic effects launched from firing points on the Sydney Harbour Bridge – making sure the bridge is structurally sound is no child’s play!

City of Sydney Council appointed Cardno to provide structural engineering services, which include carrying out a structural review and assessment of all lighting and fireworks attachments, particularly the securing method to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and structural assessment of the immediate supporting elements. This crucial analysis protects against failure of the securing attachment or the immediate supporting elements, ensuring fireworks are discharged at the intended angle, vital for the safety and success of this major international event.

Cardno has a long and proud history of association with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Company co-founder Harold Davies was part of the team that designed and built the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Harold was involved in the whole of the bridge construction from 1923. He managed the design and construction of an overpass on the northern approach to the bridge and was a supervising engineer for the central arch section in 1930.