Swift Building Assessment and Remediation

Swift Building foundation repair

Cardno conducted an emergency investigation and repair of a severely undermined foundation in a historic load-bearing brick building built in 1903.

Cardno performed a site visual survey of the structure based on reports of a sudden water induced undermining event along one of the main load bearing unreinforced brick walls. Large horizontal cracks were observed near the base of the wall and additional cracking was beginning to propagate throughout the height of the wall due to the loss of support. The repair occurred in three phases.

Phase 1: Stabilize the building

The first and second floors that were originally supported from the bearing wall were supported from grade to limit additional damage to these areas. Non-engineered push piles were installed under the existing wall foundation through the compromised soil layer to stabilize the wall in place and prevent additional damage to the wall. The owner had a contractor work directly with our firm to expedite these repairs to try and prevent collapse of the wall of the building. The bulk of these repairs were conducted within 72 hours. 

Phase 2: Permanent support for the compromised wall

A permanent jacking system was designed to support the existing bearing wall that extended down through the compromised soil layers to competent soil below. Once in place, this system was used to restore the wall back to its original elevation. 

Phase 3: Repair of the damaged wall

The repair focused on repairing the damage to the wall and the floor in the area where the repairs were made to the foundation.