Stormwater Pond Enhancements – Florida

Our restoration team assisted in a study with a county and state university involving plants and water quality at a series of stormwater ponds.

Native plants near stormwater ponds

The project goal was to study the water quality of four stormwater ponds before, during, and after plant installation. The study focused on six ponds, two of which were installed with native plants, two with ornamental plants, and two were left alone and surrounded by turf.

Manatee County, Fla., teamed with the University of Florida to conduct the study to show the benefits of phosphorus or nutrient reduction when buffering a pond with native plant species.

Cardno installed the native and nonnative plants around the four ponds in Bradenton, Fla. Our staff initially treated the nonnative vegetation and the turf with aquatic approved herbicide to prepare planting areas for installation.

We then procured and installed the preset plant list from the clients at the four ponds and laid down pine straw and a natural mulch in between plants for water retention and as a weed barrier. Certified applicators conducted one follow-up treatment to reduce invasive species while the newly installed plants established.