Steamboat Creek Restoration Project

Cardno used aerial imaging to map out the restoration of the Steamboat Creek.

Cardno used aerial data acquisition to get up-to-data for the stream as the site was actively eroding.

We used targeted land survey techniques to create a surface for design of the stream. We captured the erosion areas from above in order to create a larger surface for incorporating the targeted restoration into the entire reach.

Using aerial data acquisition enabled us to save on significant surveying costs that would have made the project infeasible. With the aerial image and stitched surface, we were able to identify areas of concern and identify the extent of the damage.

Cardno created a video for the entire reach for a perspective of the project. We then overlaid the design in Infraworks to depict the extent of the project and show the benefits of the project.

These images and videos helped stakeholders see the need for the improvements and helped with the planning of the project.

Aerial imaging of Steamboat Creek