St. Thomas University Arcade Inspection

Saint Thomas University Arcade

Cardno conducted a condition survey of steel frame pedestrian arcade structure constructed between 1957 and 2000.

Cardno conducted a visual and tactile condition survey of the steel frame pedestrian arcade structure. The goal of the survey was to provide information on the existing condition of the arcade, guidance on repair options that take into consideration the architectural heritage of the structure, and suggestions for long term maintenance.  

The St. Thomas University Arcade is the main link between the different academic buildings at the center of campus. It is continuously occupied by students and staff. During the investigation of the arcade, Cardno uncovered a portion of the arcade that was unsafe and required immediate repair to protect the safety of the students and staff on the campus. 

Cardno immediately notified the University and that portion of the arcade was temporarily closed to the public. We expedited the design of emergency repairs for that portion of the arcade and provided signed and sealed repair details to the University. 

Cardno worked closely with the University to ensure that the contractor understood the scope of the repairs. The repairs involved welding. Cardno has an AWS certified weld inspector on staff and performed a weld inspection on the repairs to enable portions of the arcade to be reopened as quickly as possible.