Southbank Boulevard Transformation

Cardno was engaged to provide civil services on the Southbank Boulevard Transformation project over a four-year period for the City of Melbourne.

The City of Melbourne embarked on an ambitious quest to create five new public spaces and neighbourhood parks for the people of Southbank.

Cardno was appointed as the civil design team and as part of the project helped deliver new pedestrian walkways, parkland spaces, road facilities and detailed designs for traffic signals.

Cardno’s multidisciplinary teams were highlighted in this project and assistance was sought from all around the business. The teams were able to provide geotechnical investigation, pavement design, track and overhead tram design, hydrology assessments, flood modelling and drainage design.

The Traffic team worked to ensure pedestrians and cyclists were prioritised and provided in depth functional layout design, cyclist and pedestrian facility design, tram stop / track alignment design, traffic signal designs, line marking and signage, detailed civil documentation and construction / contract management.

Cardno used highly experience engineers to lead the design team to complete road design to meet the standards and the drainage design preparation in a confined environment for authority approval.

While there were some constraints on design due to the environment and working around tram lines whilst maintaining traffic and pedestrian movements, the team was able to deliver a practical and safe area for the people of Southbank and Melbourne to enjoy.

The updated Southbank Boulevard now provides people of the community a truly ‘Melbourne Experience. The Boulevard is now safe, accessible and aesthetically pleasing for more than 18,000 residents to enjoy.