South Road upgrade - removing traffic bottlenecks along a key road corridor

With 40,000 vehicles accessing the road daily, the South Road upgrade will remove congestion and improve safety for the community.

South Road Nepean Highway junction, photo courtesy of Ian van der Wolde

Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) is delivering the South Road Upgrade Project, which will improve five intersections along a four kilometre section of South Road between Warrigal Road and the Nepean Highway.


The South Road Upgrade will reduce traffic bottlenecks and provide more capacity at key intersections making journey times more consistent and make South Road safer for all road users.

Pedestrian access to public transport, schools, hospitals and businesses will be improved as will their safety through new crossings and signal design.  There will also be extensive improvements to the Nepean Highway bike path between South and Cummins Roads. 

Cardno, now Stantec, was commissioned by MPRV to be part of the team to deliver this project. Our role has focused on the re-design of the intersections informed by detailed traffic modelling.

Project features include:

  • adding an extra citybound right-turn lane from South Road to improve access to Nepean Highway
  • modifying the Taylor Street and Jasper Road intersection to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety
  • installing a new signalised pedestrian crossing at Tucker Road
  • widening the Nepean Highway cycling path and upgrading fencing and signage
  • building an extra right-turn lane from South Road to East Boundary Road to create more capacity and realign the left turn slip lanes to improve safety
  • installing new traffic lights and a signalised pedestrian crossing at Bignell Road.

We also provided design solutions for related infrastructure including repositioning utilities and ensuring all kerbs and pavement are compliant for all use cases.

The major challenges of the project have been in minimizing disruptions to the community and managing the constant design changes arising during the construction phase.  By remaining flexible and responsive, and working closely with the lead contractor, two of the five intersections have already been completed with the project slated to be completed by early 2023.

Night works, photo courtesy of Ian van der Wolde

The South Road upgrade project will create more capacity at key intersections.  It will also improve traffic flow along South Road, safer for pedestrians and cyclists.