Shore Drive Bridge Repairs

Cracked concrete

The Cardno team provided a range of services to repair the Shore Drive Bridge to improve the damage and failure of the slope pavement behind the seawall.

The City of South Pasadena reported continuous issues with fill loss around the abutments and seawalls of Shore Drive Bridge. This bridge was constructed in 2000 and the contractor experienced great difficulty in installing the seawall sheet piles to their required tip elevation during construction. The contractor was directed to continue driving the piles to overcome the subsurface resistance until the tip elevation was achieved. This resulted in sheet piles that skewed as they were driven, and vertical separations between adjacent sheet piles. These gaps between the sheet piles were the source of the continuous fill loss at the bridge. This fill loss began shortly after construction was completed and has continued. This resulted in settlement, damage and failure of the slope pavement behind the seawall.   

Cardno was contracted to verify the extent of the fill loss and other deficiencies in the latest bridge inspection report. Cardno performed field observations of the bridge, roadway and seawalls within 30 feet of the ends of the bridge. Cardno provided bridge repair plans, contract documents, utility coordination with local utilities companies, and permitting activities with Southwest Florida Water Management District, the US Coast Guard, and Pinellas County Water and Navigation. Additional services provided included public meeting attendance, permit development, utility relocation design, drainage design, survey, right-of-way determination, geotechnical services/materials testing, and maintenance of traffic plans. 

It is anticipated that Cardno will also provide limited construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services during the construction phase.