Charles B. Hayes Family Sculpture Park Project

Our team installed native plants to help transform the landscape within a park into an essential component of the art experience at one of America’s leading undergraduate teaching institution’s sculpture park.

Located on the beautiful University of Notre Dame campus in Northwest Indiana, this sculpture park is an extension of the school’s Snite Museum of Art.

Esteemed landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh aimed to recreate a natural northern Indiana landscape, similar to the terrain that existed around the time Notre Dame was founded.

Our team has worked with museum staff during multiple phases of this project since its inception.

Staff provided and installed custom native seed mixes, including various native grasses, and established them throughout the park. Blended seamlessly with the sculptures throughout the park, this beautiful, winding park is a highlight for families in the area and for many visitors to the campus.

We also installed and maintained aquatic native vegetation over the course of three growing seasons to support the enhancement of a pond located in the center of the park. Learn more about the park through the video below.

Our restoration professionals currently perform delicate, comprehensive annual vegetative maintenance at the site. In addition, we are assisting with a few areas of native plants to maintain the prairie setting around the campus’ Compton Family Ice Arena.