Sam Barlow High School

Parking lot at high school with drop off lane and crosswalk

Cardno designs a series of pump stations with force mains and gravity lines to discharge to the city system.

Sam Barlow High School is nearly a mile outside the City of Gresham, Oregon, and has been storing and trucking sewage to the City of Gresham treatment plant for nearly 50 years. As part of the high school’s recent improvements, Cardno designed a series of two pump stations with force mains and gravity lines to finally discharge to the city system. The design included 4,000 linear feet of sanitary line, coordination to avoid the City of Portland main Bull Run water supply line, and both sanitary and roadway improvements in Multnomah County and the City Gresham. The two pump stations communications were connected together and with City SCADA controls. The school is outside of city limits and therefore required permitting and an IGA with the city, county and school district.

Cardno was also responsible for campus site and utility design. This included a water system assessment with service from a limited capacity rural water district. Cardno water modelling and design resulted in development of a looped, private system. Cardno also facilitated modified vehicular circulation and updated ADA access through the parking and service points to the school.

Aerial view of new high school