Road Widening and Intersection Improvement Project - Oregon

Pre Road Widening Survey Stage with Survey Equipment on Roadside

Cardno designed roadway widening and pedestrian improvements for a major street in Fairview, Oregon.

Pre Road Widening Stage and Survey Markings on Pavement

NE 223rd Ave. in Fairview needed improvements to make for a more consistent travel experience for cars, bicycles, and pedestrians.

To bring the street up to current standards, the project required the development of 30% level plans for roadway widening and intersection improvements.

To achieve this, the city and Multnomah County sought additional metropolitan, state, and federal government grants.

Cardno’s primary roles include the design of the roadway widening, pedestrian improvements, right-of-way needs analysis, and utility conflict evaluation.

Cardno will also prepare hydraulic analysis and stormwater design to address an existing box culvert that conveys Fairview Creek under the road at a major intersection.

Additionally, the project looks to convert a standard signalized intersection at 223rd and a cross road to increase the level of pedestrian and bicycle safety through either a protected intersection or a roundabout configuration. Cardno has partnered with a traffic sub consultant specializing in intersection safety and roundabouts and will merge the stakeholder’s preferred design at the interface with the widening.