Road Safety Audits (RSA) – Citrus County

Aerial image of road

Cardno provides road safety audits throughout Citrus County, documenting opportunities for safety improvements.

A road safety audit (RSA) is a formal safety performance examination of an existing or future road or intersection by an independent audit team. The RSA team considers the safety of all road users (motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians), qualitatively assesses and reports on the road safety issues identified, and documents opportunities for safety improvements to the roadway owner.

RSA’s can be conducted on roadways in the planning stages, under design, prior to construction, during construction, and perhaps most typically, during their service life when a higher incidence of safety-related problems is evident. No matter what stage in its life cycle a roadway is audited, the RSA Team must have the skills and tools to effectively and thoroughly analyze the roadway and document findings.  

Projects completed in Citrus County include: 

  • North Croft Avenue from SR 44 to CR 486 
  • Fort Island Trail from US 19 to Fort Island Park 
  • SR 44 from S. Highview Avenue to Forest Drive  
  • SR 44 from North Loop to S. Highview Avenue 
  • SR 44 / Gulf-to-Lake Highway from S. Pleasant Grove Rd to N. Florida Ave 
  • US 41 / SR 44 / SR 45 >SR 200 from Longbow Loop to Marion County Line 
  • US 41 from SR 200 to Marion County Line and SR 44 to SR 200 
  • US 301 from Pasco County Line to Sumter County Line 
  • US 19 from CR 578 to South of Toucan Trail.