Ridgely Solar Facility

Our team performed critical services on the site for a future solar facility across approximately 2,000 acres within Lake County, Tennessee.

Cardno completed the environmental Critical Issues Analysis (CIA), created a permit matrix, completed a listed species review, a cultural resources literature review and a formal wetland and Waters of the United States delineation on the site.

Our staff completed an Approved Jurisdictional Determination with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (Memphis District) under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. In addition, Cardno completed a state waters hydrologic determination to successfully classify most of the agricultural drainages as wet weather conveyances and therefore avoid state permits.

Cardno was the lead for the Natural Resources Reports submitted to TVA to complete an environmental assessment (EA). Cardno participated in TVA/client team calls to complete the EA and ultimately a Finding of No Significant Impact. The project is slated for construction in 2021.