Rice University Mech Lab and Herzstein Investigation

Rice University Mech Lab original plan

Cardno conducted an investigation of this classroom and lab building built in the early 1900’s to provide recommendations for renovation and improved access to these structures

The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the two structures for possible remodel and change of occupancies.

The investigation included the following:

  1. A review of the original building drawings.
  2. A visual survey of all accessible areas of the existing structures to look for signs of distress and try and verify how much of the structure matches the information shown on the existing building drawings.
  3. Photographic and measurement surveys of the existing (undocumented) roof trusses in both structures to allow for future analysis of the capacity of these elements.
  4. Working closely with the project architect to go through possible remodel options to minimize the modification costs for proposed remodel options.