Remote Facility Engineering Hardening and Resilience Analysis

Example of facilities that benefit from Hardening

Cardno was hired to conduct a comprehensive analysis of requirements for hardening of a remote, mission-critical facility for a confidential client.

Hardening refers to physically changing the infrastructure to make it less susceptible to damage from extreme wind, flooding, or flying debris*. This project was implemented to increase facility resilience with means to prevent, protect, prepare and recover from disruptive human-cased events.

A project plan was developed in close coordination with the client. The project work examined requirements for infrastructure and equipment hardening, resilience, repair and restoration at the facility site. Study recommendations focused on means to harden key facility equipment, while providing resilience and rapid repair capability for remaining infrastructure.

Due to the remoteness of the facility immediate implementation of study recommendations was advised in order to enable the installation to rapidly recover mission-capable status after a damaging event.

Example of facilities that benefit from Hardening

Example of facilities that benefit from Hardening

The development plan included (for each facility mission):

  • Detailed investigation of existing infrastructure
  • Detailed investigation of recommended course of action for hardening and resilience
  • Investigation of rapid repair options
  • Alternatives identification and analysis
  • Project planning and programming documentation
  • Environmental documentation
  • Industry standard funding request documents
  • Economic analysis
  • Explosive site safety analysis
  • Geotechnical study

This project had an extremely aggressive schedule (8 weeks start to finish) due to the client's desire to submit the selected projects for same year funding.

*Taken from U.S. Department of Energy