Refinery Turnaround Industrial Hygiene Support

Industrial hygiene support at petroleum refinery

Cardno ChemRisk has been contracted on multiple occasions to provide onsite, extended duration industrial hygiene support during complex, multi-unit turnarounds at petroleum refineries in the Western United States.

Cardno ChemRisk has provided industrial hygiene support during multiple petroleum refinery turnarounds (also known as shutdowns) in the form of one to three staff members who are highly experienced in the fields of industrial hygiene and petrochemical refining.

During these turnarounds, Cardno ChemRisk staff are embedded in the refinery’s environmental, health, and safety team, serving as contracted industrial hygienists. Team members perform any number of tasks, including exposure monitoring, ventilation surveys, heat and cold stress assessments, personal protective equipment recommendations, and general health and safety oversight, taking direction from the site industrial hygienist.