RCRA Corrective Action

Excavation of contaminated soil for site-wide corrective action

The Cardno team completed an evaluation of future land use scenarios, enabling our client to apply remedial action objectives for industrial land use.

Cardno assisted with closure of two remaining solid waste management units where soils were impacted by metals and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons. Our assessment team was asked to collect data to characterize the site, evaluate against established clean-up standards, and implement the approved remedial actions of soil removal and off-site disposal and establish environmental covenants at the site.

The Cardno team improved the proposed Corrective Measures Implementation Workplan to reduce risk and cost.

We designed and implemented a pre-excavation sampling program to delineate and characterize soil conditions vertically within the unit. We also designed a highly targeted and dynamic sampling program based on existing data for multi-depth samples to be progressively analyzed by the laboratory.  

This approach allowed for excavation depths to be precisely determined and eliminated the need for confirmatory sampling and the uncertainty and costs associated with multiple field mobilizations. 

Our team subsequently prepared an excavation plan, profiled the contaminated soil for disposal, coordinated with the disposal facility and self-implemented the excavation. We implemented erosion and sediment control measures, excavated 683 tons of contaminated soil in a pre-determined multi-depth scheme, and undertook site restoration.  

Cardno continues to work with VDOT to record land restrictions at the site associated with the corrective measures remedy.