Radio Tower Bay Fish and Aquatic Habitat Assessment

Habitat evaluation on the St. Louis River

Cardno worked to restore aquatic habitat impacted by wood mill waste in a 45-acre, open-water section of the St. Louis River.

Our aquatic and fisheries experts gathered fish data at multiple sites on the river to provide a baseline assessment. This extensive habitat evaluation, which included fish, vegetation and macro invertebrates, provided guidance for restoration activities.

The project aimed to improve aquatic vegetation, fish spawning and nursery habitat, leading to greater recreational activities. Cardno gathered and provided data analysis for the Minnesota Land Trust and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 

Aquatic and fisheries experts at Cardno provided an extensive habitat evaluation of plant and animal life in an open-water section of the St. Louis River. This work and additional data analysis worked to improve the environment impacted by wood mill waste and increase recreational opportunities on the river.