Queensland Children's Hospital

Photo of the Lady Cilento Childrens’ Hospital in South Brisbane

Seven years in delivery, Brisbane’s Queensland Children's Hospital (formerly Lady Cilento Children's Hospital) opened in 2014 as the largest, greenest and most sophisticated tertiary children’s hospital in the southern hemisphere.

Our civil, structural and traffic engineering experts were called upon to overcome several key concept and construction challenges this iconic building posed while our planning team developed a process to chart a course through the regulatory maze for the project.  

Cardno was instrumental in providing a structural system fit for purpose across not only construction, but throughout the lifetime of the hospital, including supporting complex building services in a flexible manner so that future additions or modifications can be undertaken. 

With four basement parking levels, eight hospital levels, four ward levels and three upper service levels, complete with landscaped rooftop gardens and courtyards, built around two central atriums, Queensland Children’s Hospital sets a new standard in hospital design, for its open warm, inviting, light-filled spaces. 

Cloaked in a brightly coloured curtain wrapped around the exterior of the hospital, the interior of the building contains a large sloping ‘green’ wall, over two floors.  

The wall was created using a combination of precast concrete slabs with in-situ concrete pour strips, producing a series of baskets which hold soil and plants. Unique and innovative for a hospital, the green wall literally breathes life into the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

*Image credit Christopher Fredrick Jones