Port Phillip Bay

The beaches of Port Phillip are high-value assets that provide benefits to local businesses, recreation and tourism activities, as well as supporting ecological, environmental and cultural heritage values and active management of these areas is necessary.

Image of Port Phillip Bay captured by an aerial drone

Mount Martha - Port Phillip Bay Aerial Image

Cardno was engaged to review existing beach priority reports; criteria for assessment and ensure it is current and best practice; prepare a preliminary list of priority beaches; participate in stakeholder engagement; review technical approaches to beach renourishment activities and conduct a technical assessment of beach condition including aerial survey using a remotely piloted aircraft.

Beach surveys were completed for 16 priority beaches using a DJI Inspire with survey ground control to general high resolution and high accuracy survey datasets for aerial imagery and digital terrain models.

The DJI Inspire is a manoeuvrable, high resolution platform best suited for data capture in small areas with limited space for take-off and landing. Take-off and landing is vertical which allows for avoidance of obstacles and launch in confined areas. A network of ground control points will be set out along the beach to allow for calibration and quality checks back in the office.

Flight operations were complex with ongoing weather monitoring and continuous assessment of 'populous' areas. Custom signage was displayed at primary access points to each beach and individual beach users were engaged where possible.

The resulting digital elevation model was used to assess approximate volumes of sand required to renourish each beach.