Port of Corpus Christi Bulk Terminal Upgrade

Port of Corpus Christi Bulk Terminal

Using our strategic planning and project management expertise we created an innovative design solution that facilitated a new business opportunity, without incurring the associated capital costs.

Cardno was engaged by the Port of Corpus Christi Authority to assist with the development of the port’s existing bulk terminals to accommodate the requirements of a new tenant who wanted to export coal from the port. 

After carefully evaluating the existing terminal, our team designed a detailed layout and equipment plan for the port’s new configuration, which included an expansion to allow for the increased cargo volumes. 

The challenge was to create a design that would make the necessary modifications to the terminal to meet the new tenant’s requirements, while still accommodating  the existing tenant’s continuous operations. Rail and truck unloading systems, conveyors, ship-loaders and other bulk handling facilities were all also carefully evaluated as part of the process. 

Most importantly, we provided detailed cost estimates for the required expansion to the Port of Corpus Christi Authority, enabling them to make the most cost-effective changes to the terminal and to incorporate the capital costs they incurred into the new tenant’s lease agreement.