PNG Trade Related Assistance Programme Phase II

Presentation on government and trade in PNG

Cardno’s economic development and trade expertise is helping Papua New Guinea (PNG) to build its international trade capacity and provide sustainable economic growth opportunities for local communities.

Building on the success of TRA Phase 1, Cardno is further promoting PNG’s integration into the world economy and is working to achieve sustainable export and economic growth, development and poverty reduction, in the Project’s second phase.  

As the lead firm for the project, Cardno is collaborating extensively with key stakeholders to help PNG build the capacity and institutional framework to implement and manage all aspects of trade.  

Our role includes: 

  • providing a Trade Division staffed by people who can knowledgeably conduct negotiations with trading partners and assess the impact of new and existing agreements 
  • developing, in collaboration with the relevant agencies and private sector organisations, national trade policy which is implemented cohesively with other agencies and stakeholders 
  • providing technical assistance in capacity building and equipment upgrades to help PNG Customs and quality compliance organisations improve constraints in trade facilitation. 

These activities are helping PNG build the institutional structures for coordinating evidence-based trade policy, prepare strategies and positions for international Trade Agreements, including the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU, and integrate into the multilateral trade framework.   

Cardno’s technical assistance has also contributed to the endorsement of the first National Trade Policy by the Parliament, which was officially launched by the Deputy Prime Minister in August 2017. Training sessions involving more than 300 participants have also been run to educate the public and private sector and civil society, about the trade agreements to which PNG is party. 

Our team has also coordinated the development of a number of key reports, regulations and handbooks, which will continue to provide key technical support.    

On completion of the project, the Trade Office will be positioned to drive effective change in PNG’s trade policy and play a proactive role in the international trade arena. 

Cardno’s guidance to support improvements in PNG’s trade policy framework will help create new export and business opportunities, while also improving socio-economic living conditions with positive flow-on effects to employment and gender equality, literacy and mortality rates.