Peterson Avenue Stream Restoration

Post construction phase of stream restoration

Cardno served as the Prime Contractor for a unique stream restoration project designed to improve water quality within a local urban historic district.

Our teams provided construction and stream restoration services for the Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (Louisville MSD) in Louisville, Kentucky. This project sought to restore a stream and wetland corridor near the historic Crescent Hill neighborhood in Louisville.

The purpose of the project was to restore aquatic functions and services in the Beargrass Creek and Ohio River watersheds. The project increased habitat for aquatic species and led to substantial water quality improvements by separating and assimilating urban stormwater runoff.

Funded by a partnership between the MSD and the Louisville-Jefferson County Environmental Trust, this project included:

  • the removal of invasive plant species
  • stream relocation
  • wetland restoration
  • and stream reestablishment by increasing floodplain access to an existing riparian wetland complex, which had been previously disconnected by channelization.

Prior to the commencement of construction, Cardno field crews performed woody invasive species control and eradication of undesirable species using cut-stump and mechanical clearing methods. In addition, Cardno worked with project stakeholders and various MBD/DBE sub-contractors to implement the restoration plan in order to return the site to its pre-impact aquatic functions and enhance its ecological services.

The restoration plan included the relocation of approximately 500 linear feet of existing stream and the installation of engineered structures to provide habitat features. These structures also offered stream bed stabilization and protection from erosion scour and potential flooding.

The structures included:

  • four boulder-step drop structures
  • two boulder j-hook vanes
  • a 90 linear foot boulder wall to provide erosion protection and slope stabilization
  • four new riffle sections
  • a new channel, and
  • a dissipation pool for the attenuation of stormwater runoff.

Along with these structures, Cardno also installed approximately 200 linear feet of toe wood root structures. Using logs and tree rootwads cleared from the site for construction access, Cardno’s construction crew used these structures to provide erosion protection along with increasing the habitat value of the stream for aquatic wildlife.

Cardno also completed the construction of approximately 4,300 square feet of additional wetland area adjacent to the new stream and installed 0.6 acres of native wetland and riparian corridor seed mixes.

Restrictive site access within an urban location and the presence of historic stonewall features as well as combined sewers within the site added unique challenges to the construction of this project.

Cardno was able to complete the project on time and within budget.

The project was completed in the Fall of 2020 and immediately profiled by several local news stations highlighting the commitment of the Louisville MSD and its role in improving water quality in Louisville and the surrounding area including WLKY and WHAS.