Pasco County – Brownfields Redevelopment Services

Shovels balanced against construction equipment at a groundbreaking ceremony

Cardno helped Pasco County secure $1.6 million in EPA Brownfields Coalition Grants and activated this funding through the delivery of key services to assess a range of brownfields sites and work with local communities to develop them for new uses.

In 2015, Cardno assisted Pasco County to secure a $600,000 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Grant. Six years later in 2011, the County was awarded a further $1 million EPA Brownfields Assessment Coalition Grant. These grants have empowered the County to conduct site-specific assessments and site inventories, develop clean-up plans, conduct public health monitoring and support community outreach programs. 

Cardno’s experienced team has worked in partnership with the County to deliver a suite of services, including:   

  • environmental assessment 
  • site characterization 
  • community involvement plans 
  • redevelopment services (including reuse planning) 
  • Brownfields programmatic support.  

Guided by the County, to date our team has focussed on the following key areas and associated projects: 


  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of proposed community center site (which acted as the catalyst for a site-specific EPA Cleanup Grant) 
  • Phase I ESAs on potential affordable housing sites, and contamination screenings/limited Phase II ESAs for four proposed infrastructure improvement areas. 


  • Phase I and Phase II ESA of former retail gasoline facility (including asbestos and lead screening services) 
  • Phase I ESA and asbestos screening of potential affordable housing sites. 

Dade City

  • Phase I ESAs with asbestos screenings of five proposed affordable housing sites 
  • Phase I, II and Supplemental Phase II ESAs 
  • Reuse planning, for the former Pasco Motors properties in the heart of Dade City for potential redevelopment. 

New Port Richey & Port Richey

  • Extensive assessment and reuse planning of the former Community Hospital site in New Port Richey 
  • Phase I ESAs with asbestos screenings of 10 proposed affordable housing sites 
  • Phase I ESAs with demolition asbestos screening for properties included in the planned US/Main Street redevelopment (seven properties).