Oilfield Quality Assurance in Angola

Offshore rig

An international oil and gas operator selected Cardno PPI to resolve quality assurance issues for its development offshore Angola.

By performing third-party QA/QC services for our energy customers, Cardno PPI helps eliminate costly non-productive rig time and standby time. Cardno PPI personnel verify that purchased or rental equipment meets specified requirements before equipment is mobilized to the wellsite. Verification of inspection processes, maintenance, redress, repair, make-up, testing, and other acceptance criteria helps service providers and operators mitigate potential for costly non-productive time on location.

An international operator was drilling one–two oil and gas wells at a time, offshore in Angola. Local inspectors’ lack of experience was causing costly delays on rigs; however, ever-changing laws and regulations in Angola made it nearly impossible for foreign entities to work in the country.

We gained access to work in the country and used our quality personnel and tracking software to pinpoint key performance indicators such as vendor quality scores affected by non-conforming products and other types of issues. Using this information, we fostered constructive relationships with vendors to identify and solve equipment problems at the source, preventing issues from occurring during well execution.

We also identified large amounts of standby time during scheduled inspections. The operator used the information to ensure that standby time was eliminated or charged to the vendor. This initiative resulted in substantial cost savings for the vendor and operator.

Challenges and solutions

  • provided responsive, hands-on service in Angola
  • leveraged an existing legal relationship with an Angolan company to gain access to the Country
  • ensured equipment met industry standards and customer requirements
  • provided onsite staff with in-depth industry experience and familiarity with equipment – for example, our assigned project lead had over 20 years’ experience, including a decade of supervising offshore and base operations in the field for an oil and gas company.